Chrysoprase Uvarovite Necklace


14k gold fill chain wire wrapped with pearls and green onyx accented with a chrysoprase and uvarovite pendant.

Necklace measures approx. 17.5"L
Chryosprase measures approx. 1"L * .75" W
Uvarovite measures approx. .75"L * .25"W

Pendant measures approx. 2.75"L off necklace

Chrysoprase is a very rare form of quartz. One of the reasons that Chrysoprase is so rare is due to the fact that it is a cryptocrystalline, this means that instead of being formed by large six sided crystals, the size of the crystals are extremely small and invisible to the naked eye. This attribute gives is much rarer in nature, as well as more beautiful.

Chrysoprase is used as a shield or protector from negative energy. In China, Chrysoprase is used to balance out the yin and yang or Chi. In India, it is said to help mend a broken heart.

Uvarovite is one of the rarest of the garnet group minerals. It often represents wealth and prosperity and is known to strengthen the heart and heal emotional wounds.

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